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 Forge Automation

3D Model to Finished Part in Minutes

Forge Automation develops and sells machine tools with CAM software that automatically turn 3D models into finished parts.



Outsourcing prototype machining takes weeks to get your parts and delays your testing.



Prototype machining is expensive due to costly CAM programming and high non-reccurring engineering fees.



Current machine tools require dedicated machinists to run and are not easily accessible to engineers.

Problems with prototype machining

Forge has a solution!



Create a 3D

Use your desired CAD software to model a part and save it as a STEP file.


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 Automatically Generate
CNC Toolpaths with Foundry

Our software, Foundry, analyzes 3D models, determines optimal process parameters, and generates machine ready toolpaths.


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Manufacture Part on
a Forge Mill

Load a material blank into a Forge mill and cut your part. 

How does it work?

Here's an example


Start with a CAD model

Design your model as you normally would. Right now, we support prismatic features such as pockets, holes, fillets, and chamfers just like the part shown here.


Foundry analyzes your CAD

1. Extracts all manufacturable features of the part
2. Determines optimal fixturing methods and number of operations
3. Selects all required tools needed for the job
4. Calculates efficient CNC toolpaths and process paramaters


Cut the part on a Forge mill

Load a material blank into a Forge mill, hit cycle start, and use Foundry's toolpaths to cut your part!

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Want to see the machine in action?

Forge mills aren't available for sale yet. You can request early access to be the first ones to know when the product is released! 

Thank you for joining our early access list!

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